The seller chooses the carrier, closing and assumes the costs of paying the freight to the port of arrival, unloading not included. The unloading of goods with tariffs canceled on the ship is their responsibility, as clearance formalities. Moreover, the transfer of risk is the same as in FOB.


Assumes the risk of transport when the goods have been delivered on board the ship at the port of shipment; the carrier must collect and deliver at the port of destination. Seller, at its own expense, must provide the buyer with a valid transport contract to the port of destination covering contractual goods, to assert their rights (ex .: complaint of the goods to the carrier, selling the goods in transit , etc.). In addition, you must give all the necessary information to take appropriate measures to receive the goods. The information and documents related to the security needed by the buyer for export and / or import and / or transport to the final destination must be delivered by the seller to the buyer, upon requested and by its expense and risk.