His responsibility is to make the goods available to the buyer at its premises in a transport adapted to the type of packaging (normally, the price includes the location of the goods on pallets).


Assumes the costs and risks involved in transport from the factory until the destination. The term EXW represents the least amount of obligations to the seller. However, if the parties wish the seller to bear the costs and risks of loading the goods on leaving ( “EXW Loaded”) it should be clearly pointed out through an explicit clause in the sales contract. It is therefore assumed that the seller provides the buyer, taking into account costs and risks, all necessary assistance to obtain an export license, insurance, giving you all the useful information at their disposal to enable the buyer export their goods safely.


“EXW Loaded”. The revision of the Incoterms in 2010 introduced the concept that recognizes a widely used practice: the seller is responsible for loading the goods on the vehicle buyer.