The seller loads the goods if delivery takes place at the seller’s premises, conveniently packed in the vehicle provided by the purchaser (see “Local FCA Seller”). The payment of export tariffs is responsibility of the seller.


The buyer chooses the means of transport and the carrier with whom he want to perform the contract. The transfer of costs and risks occurs when the carrier takes over the goods. The parties must agree on a place for delivery of goods (local terminal carrier or seller). The seller must, if necessary, deliver the goods to the buyer in good time, and even give assistance in obtaining any documents or security-related necessary for export and / or import of their goods and / or transport information to the final destination. All these documents and / or the support provided, costs and risks are borne by the buyer.


“Local FCA seller”

EThis Incoterm became official in the revision of Incoterms 2000: the seller is responsible for loading the goods.

Geographical accuracy

The “agreed point” should be carefully detailed. If delivery is made elsewhere that the seller’s premises, the seller will take the goods to the terminal, but will not be responsible for unloading the vehicle.