During the months of June and July, IGL’s team has carried out the project of moving a complete soft drink bottling plant from Mexico to Iran. This particularly complex operation has involved the use of 13 containers of different sizes and the coordination of teams in several countries around the world.

After a meticulous packing and adaptation of the cargo, the machinery was shipped from the port of Manzanillo (Mexico) to the port of Bandar Abbas (Iran).

Throughout the pre-stowage process, IGL’s team supervised and coordinated different tasks such as transporting DRY containers, special transport (non-containerized) , loading and lashing the material and transporting the equipment with the merchandise to Manzanillo port.

The logistics of this type of movement of heavy or bulky cargo at an international level is particularly delicate because different types of containers must be combined depending on the dimensions of the machinery to be transported. For this particularly complex operation, it was necessary to divide the cargo into 13 containers:

  • 7 x 40′ Hig Cube containers
  • 2 x 40′ Open Top containers
  • 4 x 40′ Flat Rack containers

Having secured and stowed the cargo aboard the ship, IGL was responsible for delivering the equipment in perfect condition at the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas, after a journey of more than 20,000 kilometres.

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