Servicio terrestre

Freight and logistics play a key role in the European economy that will become increasingly important because of the globalization process, to improve its competitive position in the context of a more sustainable economic model.

Road transport is the fastest and most flexible means inland. IGL works with big companies that allow us to operate at national and international level and provide solutions with great flexibility.

Transporte vía terrestre

The railway sector liberalization in Spain has led to a greater range of services in this transport and allows the process of creating a single European railway area. This new situation offers another perspective of the train and makes it a logistical ally for the distribution of goods in land field.

Although less flexible than road transport, rail has many other advantages:Easy traceability, the ability for the movement of heavy goods, reliability and sustainability are some of the advantages that can make very attractive the train transport for certain loads.

Depending on the needs of your business, IGL will advise you on the best means of transport for your goods


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