When it comes to fragile loads or they cannot wait, you need a kind of transport with special attention and speed.
The aircraft offers agility in delivery that cannot offer other means of transport of goods, and a high safety as well. The risks of damage to the goods are minimal because air transport is currently the means with fewer accidents.
IGL offers a full-service management of all documentation for sending your goods through international air transport and monitoring to its final destination, with great agility in handling Customs clearance.

Air freight cargo

Air Way Bill are drafted and formatted by the IATA (International Air Transport Association), a private organization that groups practically all airlines that offer scheduled flights on the basis of the agreements established in the Warsaw Convention and subsequent.


  • In the absence of proof to the contrary, the execution of the contract of carriage

  • Acknowledgment of receipt, by the carrier, of the merchandise that has been delivered for transportation

  • As a letter of instruction for the handling and care that, during transportation and delivery, must be dispersed to the merchandise

  • Accounting evidence of the amount of freight

  • As a declaration for the customs clearance

  • Certificate of insurance, if the sender has requested express coverage and record the amount of the insured value

  • Proof of receipt of the goods by the recipient

  • Certifies the data of weight, dimensions and packaging of the goods, as well as the number of packages and addresses

  • There is an auxiliary document of standard format, the Shippers Letter of Instructions (SLOI) where all the data referring to the merchandise are consigned so that the airline or IATA agent completes the definitive WayBill.
  • Another important auxiliary document is the Shippers Declaration for Dangerous Goods, also standardized, where all the identifying details of the merchandise in question, as well as special instructions of manipulation and transport are recorded.
  • The Air Way Bill does not represent the ownership of the merchandise, hence it is not negotiable, transmissible, or endorsable. It is always nominative. The airline therefore delivers the goods to whom it is addressed, whether or not it is the legitimate owner of the same.

Each WayBill is composed of a set of three originals and, at least, six copies distributed as follows:

  • Original 1: Airline Company

  • Original 2: Consignee

  • Original 3: Shipper

  • Copy 1: Signature of consignee when the carrier delivers the goods

  • Copy 2: Airport of destination

  • Copy 3, 4 y 5: For the following air carriers

  • Copy 6: Air cargo agent


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