Temporary Customs Warehouse. For goods coming from non EU countries without paying extra taxes. There are 90 days to assign a customs procedure and make partial exits
Authorized Economic Operator. It is a European accreditation to prove compliance with certain security-related measures and good practices in the international supply chain of goods. What give the customs authorities and may request any operator involved in the logistics chain (exporters, importers, manufacturers, wholesalers, customs agents …).
Bill of Lading. Transport document showing the sea transport from point of departure to point of destination
Bonded Warehouse. It is a free area to store indefinitely Community and non-Community goods without accruing any taxes during your stay
Customs Warehouse. If the company has Spanish NIF, this free area allows you to import certain goods without paying tariff at the time of its introduction, with VAT on imports exemption, with unlimited storage
Dry Van containers are most commonly used in shipping and given its versatility can be used to transport almost all types of cargo. They are sealed and unventilated containers
Estimated time of arrival (scheduled ship arrival time)
Estimated time of departure (scheduled ship departure time)
Full container load (full container service)
Containers used for special loads, do not carry side panels and roof, and the front panels are folded down. Designed for large loads
Efficient system for maritime transport of bulk liquids in containers
It is a subtype within considered standard containers. They have a height of 9 ‘6’ ‘and are widely used for high volume loads and low weight
Interior transport of goods by truck or rail from the warehouse of the exporter to the port of origin (domestic transport origin) or from the destination port to the warehouse of the importer (transport interior destination)
Tweenty-foot Equivalent Unit. Unit of measurement used in maritime transport which is equivalent to a twenty-foot container


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