At Intermodal Global Logistics (IGL), we once again stand out for our ability to add value to our customers’ operations by offering customised solutions. In this case, it has been a project cargo operation. A door-to-door service in which six other companies that form part of the holding company collaborated. A millimetric work and an example of cooperation where synergies count for the work to be impeccable.

Teamwork, the key to success

This operation has been carried out from origin: the United States to destination: the Canary Islands. It is the latest example of how committed teamwork leads to better and more effective results. At IGL we are part of the Alonso Group logistics division, a multi-sector holding company and leader in the field of national and international logistics with 187 offices around the world. This allows us to have the support, flexibility and possibilities of a large group, without losing the essence and speed of a personalised service.

An inter-oceanic journey

Specifically, the operation consisted of transporting five large pieces (generator, converters and sensor equipment) weighing almost 12 tonnes – 11,712 kilos – from the United States to the Canary Islands. The cargo was packed in a 40′ open top container.

Our US agent loaded the cargo in Denver (Colorado) and transported it to the port of Oakland, to be subsequently shipped to the port of Valencia on board the vessel “Seoul Express”. Once in the peninsula, the cargo was transferred to Setemar‘s Temporary Storage Warehouse (ADT) in Valencia, one of Alonso Group’s multimodal logistics platforms, which was also responsible for transhipment, stowage and lashing to a Nisa Marítima container.

Transportes Alonso then transferred the container to Intersagunto Terminales, the multi-purpose terminal located in the port of Sagunto, which is part of Alonso Group. The goods were loaded onto the vessel “Barbara P” consigned by Marítima Alisea, the group’s shipping agent, bound for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The last step, unloading and final delivery in the Canary Islands, was supported by Bersitrans‘ local agent on the island.

Professional and customised services

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience in logistics, customs and international trade, at the service of any exporter, importer or industry. With a multimodal and efficient logistics offer, at IGL we offer sea, air and land transport services, import and export management throughout Spain and more than 60,000m2 of authorised logistics warehouses.