Air freight is used in almost all industrial sectors and global supply chains. The use of aircraft as a means of transport is very efficient for certain goods such as high-value products and sensitive or urgent cargo (e.g. medicines).

The benefits of air transport are many and, since the outbreak of the global health crisis of COVID-19, it has become a major ally in ensuring regular deliveries and supply of the most essential commodities, including vaccines.

At IGL we have extensive experience in the transport of goods and we can advise you, step by step, on the best way to ensure that your cargo arrives on time. We offer a complete documentation management service (Air Way Bill, SLOI, DGD…) and the possibility of tracking your cargoes in real time and with total transparency.

Advantages of air freight

The main advantages of the use of cargo aircraft in transport are:

– Punctuality and speed, as it is the only means of transport that offers the possibility of transporting goods anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Moreover, in some regions of Africa, South America, Asia or Oceania, air transport is the only means of access.

– It is the safest form of transport currently available, as there are hardly any accidents on cargo flights each year, making it highly reliable.

In recent years, due to the growth of e-commerce and express freight, air freight transport has been increasing exponentially throughout the world and also in Spain. In our country, the main airports of reference are Madrid-Barajas, Barcelona-El Prat, Zaragoza and Victoria.

Fleet restructuring

For a little over a year now, due to the change in demand caused by the global health pandemic, a restructuring of fleets has been taking place. As a result, many passenger aircraft have been converted into freighters. The tourism crisis and an increased need to import urgent equipment from the East to the West explain part of this phenomenon.