Intermodal Global Logistics, a logistics operator specialised in international freight transport, participated in the “DC Day” event, organised by the Copy Paper division of the US multinational International Paper, one of the world’s leading producers of fibre, pulp and paper packaging.  In the framework of this meeting, IGL received a commemorative plaque, together with the rest of the suppliers, for their years of work and cooperation.

The event, entitled “Safety Day”, brought together the DCs (Distribution Centers) that work with the company in the EMEA division, and was held in the town of Saillat Sur Vienne, in the south of France.


Logistics operators

The multinational has been holding this type of initiative for five years, but this edition was special, as it brought together for the first time its main logistics operators from Europe, Middle East and Africa.

After the sharing of interests and future projects, all suppliers were treated to a guided tour of two of the company’s three factories in the French region.

Import, storage and distribution of forestry products

IGL has been the logistics operator of reference for International Paper in its import, storage and distribution of forest products in Spain since 2007.

The Intermodal Global Logistics team has specialised in the transport and storage of paper and its derivatives for more than 30 years. They have a wide range of specific equipment for handling paper reels, bales, palletised products, etc.



Your partner in international freight transport

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