The freight forwarding company, specialized in international intermodal transport, operates under the AEO status since March 4. Thanks to this recognition, Intermodal Global Logistics (IGL) strengthens its commitment to protection, safety and confidentiality of its customers at each stage of the logistics chain.

The European Union through the Spanish Tax Agency (Agencia Tributaria Española) has released the certification that recognizes the new status of IGL as Authorised Economic Operator of Security and Safety type S.

This seal confirms that the company is internationally registered within the group of safe logistic operators, and that it complies with strict protocols in all matters concerning the management of confidential data, accredited financial solvency and a scrupulous monitoring of the European Community customs legislation.

Greater efficiency

This new condition as a reliable operator for national and international administrations means not only establishing itself as a leading company in the storage and transport of paper and derivatives, but also positioning itself in the group of the most competitive freight forwarders in the market.

From now IGL has security protocols and data management approved and verified by the European Union. This will reduce the number of procedures required in each part of the logistics process by streamlining shipments and reducing lead times for the benefit of its customers.

In addition, having identified and monitored the main risk points minimizes any type of incidence related to safety and protection.

Logistical circuit with integral guarantee

In order to obtain the AEO certificate, IGL has had to undergo a long process of verification that includes specific training of personnel, creation of protocols to deal with any type of security incident and exhaustive audits that guarantee its correct implementation within the company.

With the acquisition of the AEO type S certificate, the company, integrated in the Alonso Group, manages to cover the entire range of AEO certifications thanks to its relationships with the other companies in the logistics holding company, such as Stock Logistic Transport, responsible to carry out the customs formalities of IGL and that since 2011 operates under the AEO seal of both Customs Simplification and Protection and Security.

This commitment to excellence in the management of international logistics is aligned with the overall strategy of Alonso Group. The corporation present in the five continents through more than 180 offices worldwide, aspires to become a worldwide reference in intermodal freight transport.